PB8 Pro

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PB8 Pro


The PB8 is the flagship power bar for the Archon system.


aircraft aluminum case that is powder coated both inside and out.

8x power plugs space so that a 2" transformer can be used in each plug

the plugs are opposite of each other allowing transformers on both sides.

power switch is moved to the side to prevent accidentally turning the unit off

4 x bus connectors on the opposite end as the power plug, allowing the PB8 to be a hub for your system.

4 x mechanical relay and 4 x electronic plugs

stubner circuits built in to help prevent electrical feed back and to shut down the electronic plugs when a low wattage item is used. 

The PB8 is only designed for use on the Archon systems and is not compatible with the ReefKeeper systems.

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