Archon DP1 Kit

DP1 Dermo.png
DP1 Dermo.png

Archon DP1 Kit

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One master is required for every system.  The master will provide power to the slave modules down the bus line.


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The DP1 is a single pump dosing pump, that has adjustable flow from 15ml to 60ml a minute.  The DP1 can be use for dosing or as an auto top-off, and can be configured in a variety of options through your Archon system.

Each DP1 also comes with 2 switch inputs, which can be used with float switches or other devices.

Dosing Kit


1 x DP1 master

2 x DP1 slave

3 x 2 meter jumpers for switch inputs

6 x screws

This is everything needed to dose 3 different solutions.