DA Salinity Calibration Solution kit


DA Salinity Calibration Solution kit


Conductivity/Salinity Calibration solution

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Conductivity Solutions
Unlike some parameters such as temperature, where expensive baths and electrical current are a must before you can re-adjust your meter, conductivity allows you to have your meter easily calibrated in the lab or field in seconds.

The conductivity solutions are made of high quality Potassium Chloride.

The solutions are standardized with a conductivity meter, calibrated by high purity NIST 999 Potassium Chloride in de-ionized water. The concentration is also confirmed by NIST 2201 Standardized Silver Nitrate solution.  Each packet carries a label showing lot #, and expiration date. 



A container of calibration solution is included with each probe.  However if you're in need of more we offer it at a very competitive price.

1 x packet of salinity calibration solution

53.0mS = 1.026 SG = 35.0 PPT