DP1 - Single Dosing Pump Kit

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DP1 - Single Dosing Pump Kit

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The DP1 is controlled via our bus control system, allowing seamless intergration into the ReefKeeper systems.

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The First DP1 in the system must be a master pump that has a 6v power supply (included when you order a master system) plugged into it. All others will receive their power via the bus cable. 

 The flow rate can be adjusted through the ReefKeeper head units, allowing the DP1 to Dose from 15mls a minute up to 60mls.


Tech Specs

  • LED Status Indicator


  • Dosing pump in/out
  • Two Switch Ports
  • Two Bus Connections

Package Contents

  • One DP1 Unit
  • One 3′ Bus Cable
  • Two Mounting Screws
  • 6volt power supply (Master only)
  • two barbed hose connectors