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Advanced Pump Controller

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The primary purpose for the Advanced Pump Controller (APC) it so control the Tunze brand stream pumps. This module allows you to integrate these pumps into your system and control them via your ReefKeeper (Lite or Elite).

Storm Mode Integration

The APC allows you to integrate these pumps with our new storm mode feature allowing for the generation of turbulent flow.

Night Mode

The APC has special options at night to calm your tank to simulate the stillness of the evening hours in your aquarium. This gives fish the ability to rest.

Multiple Modes

With a master/slave mode as well as sequential you’ll fine the APC paired with the ReefKeeper has you covered!




Tech Specs

  • LED Status Indicator
  • LED Pump indicators (red/blue illuminates to display pump state)


  • Four Pump Ports
  • Two Bus Ports

Physical Details

  • Dimensions: 1.0″ x 2.25″ x 4.30″

Package Contents

  • One APC Module
  • Two Tunze Adapter Cables
  • One 3′ Bus Cable
  • Two Mounting Screws